Chinny Bond deftly embodies the roles of both artist and curator, straddling a clever line that places him comfortably in both creative disciplines. 

His artistic journey is an ongoing exploration of geometry and abstraction, evolving through various painting series.

While initially known for his precision in geometric compositions, Chinny has recently delved into the realm of controlled chaos. This departure manifests in his newest series, where accidental occurrences and the passage of time become integral elements in shaping the artwork.

Employing self-made mark-making tools that teeter on the brink of his control, Chinny delivers pigments onto canvas or paper, often utilizing unconventional items like wire-adorned costume glasses turned pen-holders.

This process, akin to a performance, yields outcomes that are both magnetically chaotic and aesthetically pleasing.

In his capacity as a curator, Chinny demonstrates a keen eye and meticulous planning, having curated thoughtful exhibitions for nearly 15 years.

Collaborating closely with peers, he has curated shows featuring outstanding artists spanning diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

With a portfolio that includes collaborations with distinguished galleries and institutions across continents, Chinny's ascent in both artistic creation and curation is marked by a steady, well-deserved progression.

His curatorial exhibition list includes:

2010 -  “April Rules” -  No Borders Gallery (Hong Kong).
2019 - “XYZ” group expo - GO Gallery, Amsterdam.
2021 to 2024 - Co Curator of “The Secret Garden Amsterdam” . Outdoor street art and graffiti project.
2021 - “Naar de Gallemiezen” by Beazarility - Cafe Havelaar, Amsterdam
2022 to present - Curator of arts in Mr Mokum Amsterdam. 
2022 - Co Curator of Eugene Brands solo exhibition - Ambassade Art Gallery
2022 to present - Co curator of public art spaces initiative in Gravenstraat, Amsterdam
2022 - “In the Distance” by Hyland Mather - Ambassade Art Gallery.
2022 - “Cartoonoscope” by IvesOne - Mr Mokum Amsterdam
2022 - Co Curator of “Here and Now” group expo - Vrij Paleis Amsterdam
2022 - “GALO in Cafe Havelaar” - Cafe Havelaar, Amsterdam
2022 - Tony van Amsterdam solo exhibition - Ambassade Art Gallery
2022 - “Fall” by Sidney Waerts - Ambassade Art Gallery
2023 - ‘Seven “Dam” Years’ by Lucas Wisekid and Alberto de Flavis - Ambassade Art Gallery
2023 - “Monster Party” by Bortuskleer - Cafe Havelaar
2023 - “Draw Me A Picture” group expo - GO Gallery, Amsterdam.
2023 - Co Curator of “Here and Now” group expo - Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam.
2023 - “CROSSROADS” group expo - GO Gallery, Amsterdam.
2024 - Co Curator “Open Street Art” group expo - Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam.